Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Birdcages

Another 12 hour day in the studio. I produced two Dragonfly Hearts, five Minikin Birdcages and one bottle panel. I also made a bunch of peace signs and repaired a couple rut rohs. The cool thing about the birdcages is that previously the bird was on a swing inside the cage. Now the bird is sitting on top of the open door!
There were a few distractions: my neighbor David, who is new to town and familiar with my work, came over to pick up a tag sale item. He had discovered Bohemia just two weeks before and was familiar with the bottle panels I make as well as Luon St. Pierre's work that graces my great room walls....Trader Joe's wheat free waffles for breakfast (unreasonably dry, even sopped in mascarpone and honey)...leftover Feast family meal food for lunch(even cold they beat the heck out of those waffles)...chocolate soy dessert for a snackie treat (tastes like cocoa puffs or count chocula, I forget which) and for dinner I have yet to look in the fridge.

Next week is going to be a fun one. It is Big Brothers Big Sisters Artisan Market. I am 100% sure everything will be fine and 100% sure I will be exhausted by Sunday evening when I plan on being in the all souls procession. I made a giant cat head for the occasion out of paper mache, I still need to paint it. At least I have my outfit picked out! Meow!