Friday, February 6, 2009

Stop. Hammer Time!

This week has been devoted to getting ready for Locals at La Pilita. It is an artisans market that is happening during the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. Last week was devoted to gathering supplies for the year from the Gem and Mineral show. As one who rarely shops I found it overwhelming and fun for about 4 days.

I will post photos of my new work once they are polished and signed.

I learned that you should not autofill your ipod unless you weed out all the crap that you never listen to from itunes ahead of time. Don't get me wrong, I love me a little Prince and the New Power Generation and Polly Jean Harvey and Liz Phair are like old friends stopping by for a visit. Harry Connick Jr. belting out Danny Boy , however, is another story all together. I love the white pants in the winter time, but an Irish Folk song while I am trying to bust out mass amounts of Molly Phoenix Glass is just tragedacious.

Lesson learned. Now that I have remedied the problem I hope to torture the 'hood with my live rendition of Neutral Milk Hotels Aeroplane Over the Sea...

...and I got to see my pal Matt Hammer this week. Not to be mistaken with Captain Hammer. Shcucks.