Monday, November 16, 2009

Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisan Market

Again, more thanks to all of you who stopped by the Bungalow this weekend for the Open Studio Tour!

It is time for the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisan Market. Molly Phoenix Glassworks has a new home at the show this year. I will be located to the left of the outdoor central cashier in the gated courtyard. If you are in my old space this means you will continue through the museum lobby straight back to the outdoor cashier and into the gated area on the LEFT. I have made a map of the Museum from above with Microsoft Paint so you can see the "OLD SPACE" and "NEW SPACE"...oh how I miss you Photoshop! It is space #24.

I am making a batch of winged hearts for the weekend and some new angels, too. If time permits I will also be making garden flowers from tea plates and punch bowl cups, these will be brand spankin' new and very cool IF I can find the time! If not they will be at the next show...Fiesta De Arte!