Thursday, December 4, 2008

Busy Busy Bee

I cannot believe how busy I am this season! The Banditas have really made a difference in my business. I have made huge strides with MPG since May. Thank you BABE!
It has been a great season so far and I appreciate all of you who come to visit in my booth at the various shows. The Tucson Museum of Art show was a blast and so many kind people stopping with bright eyes and bewonderment. Some carefully choosing just the right thing and others just stand back and say I want that. People are marvelous.

The Shop-A-Do is getting a lot of attention...think globally act locally! It is this Saturday from 11-5 and while it sounds like a short time frame there have been many hours put into making it awesome! We have distributed 3000 postcards and just try shutting me up about it! Good luck.
In fact here is a little blurb that was in the Weekly Rag,

How bout that birdcage?!

I also joined Local First Arizona this week.