Friday, January 9, 2009

It's official.

I am so crushing on Andrew Bird. I love to whistle in the studio, or try to...I have preordered the deluxo version of Noble Beast and will count down the days until it arrives. The anticipation will kill me for sure.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...I have yet to undertake the next big project of throwing up some shelves in the studio to put the bottles on. Once this is done I will have more space to rearrange and get some really good shui going on in there.

Admittedly I have been distracted over the last 24 hours on the "Flower Pen Project". I had a lot of pens left over from another project and needed to find a use for them. I got some very nice artificial flowers, glue and florist tape and made bouquets! Way more time consuming and fruitful than the previous evenings adventure into homemade ear candle project. Although that did birth the idea for something completely different, I do not think it is my calling.

The dogs and I took a long walk in the desert this afternoon to take in some quiet & sunshine.
Beyond Gates Pass there is a pull off that is my favorite. There is access to a riverbed and all the wonderful offerings there. It was nice to be outside. The Mainah in me tends to take to the indoors when the calendar hits October. I still get confused if I am not wearing a turtleneck wool sweater on Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is a Banditas meeting followed by studiotime. There are some special projects that need executing.

Saturday I am going to be at the St. Phillips Plaza from 9am-2pm...